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We provide Wi-Fi solutions to City,Rural Area and connect the Internet, Intranet , We provide reliable and powerful wifi Solution.

WiFi SmartCities,Rural Area Wifi and Digital India

Our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi started a free wi-fi scheme through this scheme, youth will get seamless internet connectivity. This wifi scheme will also boost the digital India plan which we have started before.

Wifi connectivity will significantly improve across the country that will make a direct impact on our lifestyle. According to the information the central government will establish around one crore data centers across to make this scheme strengthen.

We work on Grampanchayat-wifi, GramPanchayat Connect India project.

We face many Challenges of providing rural broadband connectivity.

The challenges of bringing high-speed internet to rural areas requires expertise, and Netwall emerges as a leading solution for remote location

Netwall Software and Services for Wifi SmartCities & Rural Area

A special Hotspot of our market-leading RADIUS/AAA server, that lets hotspot providers easily and profitably offer wireless Internet access to customers, while eliminating the overhead associated with customer provisioning, authorization and accounting.

A physical location where WiFi Access Point is available for people to connect to Internet. WiFi is a complementary, not competing technology to LTE. Public hotspots hold an important place in the last-mile delivery of broadband to users. Become a PDO & Start Earning.

Why you use our Software ?


Internet connectivity reliable & affordable. Broadband across the length & breadth of the country is an essential ingredient of Digital India.


In India, access to data is still limited due to poor coverage of fiber/telecom and prohibitive pricing of cellular data.


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How to access broadband Wi-Fi?

User who wants to access Broadband through Public Wi-Fi will need to download the relevant App,or through browser not neccessary to download any app ( For download app still need Internet connection When user want to connect internet first time then how download software for that reason user can browse or connect direct internet), get authenticated, and thereafter access Broadband at any Public Wi-Fi Hotspot.

When the user reaches a Public Wi-Fi Hotspot, the App on the mobile phone will show various available networks. The user can then choose the Public Wi-Fi network of choice, pay an amount – either online or through voucher – and use the network till the balance is exhausted.